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Check out some of these sites:


Caveman Circus The Most Awesome Men's Entertainment Site On The Internet www.cavemancircus.com




Damn! LOL Damn! LOL www.damnlol.com
Dump.com Interesting, funny, bizarre, inspirational images. Updated daily. 100% family friendly. www.dump.com
eBaum's World Funny Videos, Pictures, Games, and Jokes www.ebaumsworld.com
Gizoogle Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit www.gizoogle.com
Mullets Galore Mullet - "business in the front, party in the back" www.mulletsgalore.com
THE DBAG JOURNAL A Think Tank for Idiots http://dbagjournal.wordpress.com/
The Kid From Brooklyn Rants and raves www.thekidfrombrooklyn.com
The Oatmeal Comics, Quizzes, and Stories www.theoatmeal.com
The Onion America's Finest News Source www.theonion.com
There, I Fixed It Epic Kludges + Jury Rigs www.thereifixedit.com
Urban Dictionary The slang dictionary you wrote - Define your world www.urbandictionary.com

Funny Videos & Funny Clips

Weird Al" Yankovic The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site www.weirdal.com



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