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"C" Jokes


You Know You're Croatian When...

1. You are never ever allowed to sit by an open window for fear of catching pneumonia from the "propuh" (even in the middle of summer)

2. No one can pronounce your last name and every kid on the block has a nickname for it

3. Vegetarianism is not a concept your parents understand

4. English words are acceptable if used with the ending "A-T-I" which makes them Croatian... "play-ati", "study-ati" "shop-iti" "pick-ati"

5. At least one family member makes his own wine

6. Lunch on Sundays have more courses than Americans have for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner

7. You live with your parents until you are married

8. Mama thinks that whenever you get sick it's because you didn't eat enough

9. When upset, it isn't unusual for Tata to send you "u pizdu materinu"

10. You never got the "Birds and the Bees" talk from Mama and Tata as you were growing up

11. Your Nana and Dido wear at least 3 layers of clothing in all seasons

12. Your relatives in Croatia think it's strange if you are not married by the age of 18

13. A Croatian wedding consists of a minimum of 1000 people, 2/3 of which you don't even know

14. Your cousin in Croatia who calls you to send him money had a cell phone before you and wears only name brand clothing.



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